Men's Triathlon Suit

€ 260.00


(Base Price: € 260.00)


Our ELITE LIGHTSPEED 1000 RACE SUIT, is a one-piece Trisuit that fits tight but is still really comfortable to achieve the best fit in all three triathlon disciplines. The suit is made from lightweight, hydrophobic New Monica Eco AquaZero material, a premium ISO certified, eco-friendly 220 gr opaque technical fabric that is fluorine-free with an incredibly soft handle and high comfortability with abrasion resistance, outstanding moisture management, and UV protection that keeps your skin safe. The sleeve is made of golf ball material that has been tested in high-tech wind tunnels, comes from Schoeller textile, the most high-tech-oriented fabric supplier in the market. With Water repellant coating this hydrophobic sleeve is designed for speed. Both the arm and leg grippers ensure the extra grip to hold the suit in place for those high-impact moments when you hit the water. The long back zipper has an ‘auto-lock’ function ensuring that it won’t open when not needed. There are flatlock stitches all around to ensure extra comfort and superb quality. We consider the Lightspeed 1000 the eco-friendly Bentley of Trisuits.

The item is a snug fit. If you can't choose between sizes, we recommend sizing up.

Please note that this suit is designed for short format racing and doesn't have any padding.

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